SaaS Management And Optimization

Get Above The Cloud With Alpin -- Up here, you'll have visibility of the software inside your cloud and the tools to manage it.

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Great Companies Trust Alpin

Customers with 100 to 100,000+ employees rely on Alpin to discover and manage their SaaS applications.

Alpin's Platform

Alpin is the tool companies use to find and manage their cloud software. Alpin’s SaaS management tools enable you to:

Discover cloud software, manage costs and renewals, increase security and compliance, and automate workflows.


Discover SaaS Applications – More Than 12 Methods

How many different SaaS applications does your company have? About 0.5 to 1 apps per user, in our experience.

For you, does that mean hundreds, thousands, or tens of thousands of cloud software subscriptions? Alpin tracks more than 40,000 SaaS apps, leveraging more than 12 discovery methods to capture the full picture of your SaaS environment.


Reduce Total SaaS Spend By Up to 30%

Alpin shows you what you are spending on SaaS, and helps you optimize and cut costs.

CIOs predict that cloud services will comprise 44% of total IT spend in the next few years – not including SaaS expensed by individuals or departments.

What if you could see an accurate view of all SaaS spending and cut it by nearly a third?

Costs & Renewals

Uncover Shadow IT and Secure Your Data

You can do a lot with Alpin’s automation tools: quickly onboard and offboard employees; receive notifications of important events; generate reports based on virtually any criteria you can think of.

Alpin increases consistency and frees up your time for thoughtful work.

Security & Compliance

Automate Workflows

You can do a lot with Alpin’s automation tools: onboard and offboard employees faster; receive notifications of important events; generate reports based on virtually any criteria you can think of.

See how Alpin can help you automate and save.


Enjoy Enterprise Support That Is Actually Helpful

As you grow, so does the challenge of managing SaaS. You don’t want to be running around with spreadsheets, interviewing departments to get data, then cobbling together some half-baked report.

Our dedicated Enterprise customer success team will take this off your hands, entering and organizing your data, and transforming it into actionable information.

Enterprise Support

Alpin: Solutions For Many Departments

Uncover Shadow IT, manage licenses, and report on everything.

Find vulnerabilities and those affected, fast, and take action.

Speed up your audits and find the vendors that need your attention.

Reduce costs, eliminate renewal surprise, improve procurement, and make better budgets.

Oversee and manage vendors in one consolidated system of record.

Improve employee onboarding and offboarding.

What People Are Saying About Alpin

  • Alpin to the rescue! I want Alpin to be my day to day tool, the source of truth about SaaS in our company.
    Software Licensing & Procurement
  • Alpin is a dream wish-list come true!
    Cloud Software Manager
  • We use Alpin to more easily visualize and manage SaaS spend, find pockets of shadow IT, as well as track subscription renewals.
    IT Manager