Take Control Of Your SaaS Subscriptions

Alpin is the single dashboard to monitor and manage your SaaS ecosystem.

No more running around with spreadsheets, trying to figure out which applications exist, who is using them and how, what they cost, when they will be renewing, which ones are insecure, etc.

What is SaaS management? Alpin lets you see what’s happening among your cloud software applications, reduce costs up to 30% while managing license renewals and compliance, and monitor activity so you can take action on important security risks.

Discover Shadow IT

A recent survey showed that IT administrators believe there are, on average, 16 SaaS subscriptions in use at their organizations.

That’s not even close to reality. We’ve found that SaaS-heavy companies have hundreds or even thousands of cloud software applications, while SaaS-light companies typically have at least dozens in use.

SaaS vendors make it very easy to sign up and quickly expand the user base, often undetected.

You might not need to stop Shadow IT, but you at least need to know what’s going on.

In just 2 clicks, Alpin shows you the real picture.

  • Discover all users and their SaaS applications and services (free or paid, web or mobile) and the devices they are using.
  • Get a top-level overview to identify the most popular apps.
  • Scan the list for suspicious software and known problems.
  • See how various applications have grown their user bases over time.
  • Drill into an individual user to see what they are using — some will clearly be inappropriate and can be de-provisioned.
  • Drill into a specific subscription to see and export the list of users — great for reporting to compliance teams.
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Cut SaaS Costs, Manage License Renewals, Forecast Spend

SaaS spend can start small, but rapidly escalate with more users and higher tiers. Pretty soon, you end up with a massive bill for systems you didn’t even know about.

Use Alpin to take control, starting with just 2 clicks.

  • See your costs, your actual usage, and the gap that signifies wasted spend — money that can be recovered and saved or redeployed.
  • Understand the true costs of a single user, or a type of user, so you know how much it costs to add a new employee in any department.
  • View all subscription payments in a centralized billing history.
  • Get alerted to upcoming renewals so you aren’t surprised by automatic contract extensions.
  • Use details about costs and usage to negotiate better deals without relying only on vendor-provided data.
  • Reallocate higher-tier licenses to power users and lower-tier licenses to occasional users.
  • Identify duplicative products so you can standardize on a preferred application.
  • Create better forecasts and budgets using Alpin’s data-based projections (AlpinCast).
  • Easily de-provision inactive users or unused seats, saving time and improving governance and security.

Monitor Activity For Security, Compliance & Governance

Once you know the users and applications within your environment, you can improve your security, control and governance by knowing what users are doing in those applications.

In just 2 clicks, Alpin will show you what’s actually happening.

  • View application-specific activity metrics to understand who is doing what, when and how often.
  • Look back in time across users and applications, even at inactive and deleted accounts.
  • Get alerts about dangerous activity. For example, someone publicly shares a document in the Finance folder.
  • Get alerts about risky permissions. For example, Application X can read and change the contents of every web page the user visits.
  • Find out which users, and which apps and services, are creating the highest risks of security and data loss.
  • Get alerts when applications report a data breach or other security problem.
  • Instantly create reports for audits, compliance and ad hoc updates.
  • Instantly de-provision a dangerous application from a single user.
  • Blacklist an application at the touch of a button, so it can no longer be used.
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“We use Alpin to more easily visualize and manage SaaS spend, find pockets of shadow IT, as well as track subscription renewals”

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