December 2017

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In the last decade, we have all watched cloud adoption continue to explode, with this year’s SaaS growth expected to increase 20 percent to $46.3 billion. SaaS has been growing so fast for so many years that it seems like old news. In reality, that SaaS growth has made cloud software applications into a big line item on the budget, and a big set of security headaches. 

Smart companies are committing to take control of SaaS in 2018 to get a handle on costs and security — starting with understanding their SaaS landscape.

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If you are running G Suite, you’ve likely noticed how incredibly easy it is for your users to allow access to sensitive information. We have seen notable cases like this and this where seemingly innocuous permissions have resulted in significant data breaches.

Why does this happen?

Google and third party apps have prioritized user adoption and ease of use. This has led to the unintended consequence of easily allowing users to provide access to their data — and at work, that may mean sensitive company data.