February 2018

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UI design is a challenge. As developers, we often design our products according to a hypothesis about how our users will use what we make. But too often, we don’t have evidence to support that hypothesis. As a result, we don’t know how our users actually use our products. Without this information, improving our products to achieve our goals is difficult.

We found a solution at Alpin that allows us to learn about how prospective customers use our site. This allows us to use evidence to improve our product, instead of simply guessing what changes should be made based on visitor anecdotes or our own instincts. We do this by integrating Segment into our product.

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Perhaps you’ve worked in privacy and information security for years. You know the kind of culpability organizations face when a vendor’s vulnerability leaves private information exposed. Target’s unfortunate relationship with a small HVAC vendor may have kept you up at night, worrying about your own organization’s risks. 

And GDPR is no exception to vendor compliance requirements. But is anything new or different? Yes! And we’ll show you how Alpin can help.

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800,000 customers of Swisscom had their personal information leaked when a supplier’s access credentials were “misappropriated.” That’s bad news for those 800,000 people, bad PR for Swisscom, and bad business for the supplier. And with GDPR implementation only a few months away, it is a stark warning: YOU are responsible for your suppliers. They must be compliant with the GDPR, because if your customers’ data is compromised due to their fault, you are still responsible. So, get started now to ensure that your suppliers are GDPR-compliant. Alpin can help by automating the process.

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G Suite is one of the most well-known collections of SaaS applications in the world. In the 11 years since its release as Google Apps, G Suite growth has been incredible: from nothing to hundreds of millions of users, across millions of businesses and other organizations. Ask your friends to guess: How big is G Suite? [Updated with the latest numbers from Google]