December 2018

Maybe you’re assigned to inventory SaaS after an acquisition. Or, you’re the person that will designate someone to do so.


Integration after an acquisition requires intense time commitments and attention to detail, and SaaS inventories are no different. Many companies inventory their SaaS less than they think they do. Or, some staff members may believe they have a thorough inventory without tools to extensively audit those findings.


Research from reputable organizations like Gartner and Cisco repeatedly show that more cloud software exists than anyone believed, by orders of magnitude.


Anyone who’s been through an IPO knows the intense work and scrutiny it requires. Preparing for an IPO typically results in thorough corporate “house cleaning.”


And just like when you’re cleaning house, there’s a junk drawer. What’s the modern junk drawer in most companies? SaaS.


Just imagine these are all SaaS brand logos – some are super helpful, some less. But they all end up in one big, expensive bucket.