Financial Management In Alpin Part 2 – Manage Renewals And Prevent Unnecessary Costs

Alpin financial management part 2

If you’re new here, this post was made in response to interest in the many types of cost savings available in cloud spend


Closing out our two-part series (part 1 covered discovering and cutting costs), we’re covering renewals and preventing costs using Alpin.




Managing Renewals


Avoid Unexpected Costs With Alpin’s Renewal Calendar And Alerts


We already catalog all the apps, so we added a renewal tracking system.


Why’s that?


Our customers have seen hundreds or thousands of previously-unheard-of cloud applications. Research from Gartner and others suggests similar levels of as-yet-unknown software. It’s a mess to try and keep track of all that.


The renewal calendar can help you track when apps renew and avoid unexpected costs due to auto-renewals, changes in tiers, and more. It gives you the power to be proactive and add value to vendor management processes.


Plan Your Renewal Negotiations With Your Own Data.


Information is power in negotiations. And you get that information through Alpin. Imagine a scenario where you ask a vendor for a renewal negotiation meeting before they do. And you know just as much or more as they do about usage, users, and more. That puts you in a position of power for negotiations with the vendor.


A look at Alpin’s renewal calendar tool, where you can see what apps renew in any given month.



Preventing Unnecessary Costs

Monitor for potential changes in pricing tiers, non-compliant licenses, free trials that turn into paid subscriptions, exposed data that could lead to regulatory fines, and more.


Ongoing Monitoring Of Many Types Of Activity


In this area, manual monitoring becomes unreliable at best. Automated monitoring and alerts over new activity helps prevent spiraling costs.


Someone started a free trial? You can see that. And, you might even blacklist the app too, in order to prevent further attempts to use it.


Want to know what folders are shared publicly, especially if they contain words like “financials?” You can see that too. And hopefully prevent a costly data breach. Read more about our data loss prevention (DLP) tools that integrate with popular cloud storage apps.


Want to know if some people are using a freemium account instead of the license type approved in the contract? That’s also discoverable.


Usage tracking is also possible, so you can see if additional activity may send you into a higher usage tier.


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Mitchel Forney