Alpin Is Here To Solve SaaS Sprawl

Ben and I were driving around Geneva complaining about how technically hard it was to do our job: IT projects for a few Global 500 clients at the same time, carrying a different laptop for each client (note: 6 laptops add up to one very heavy bag). So Ben figured out a way to make it easier. Much easier.

Ben is a technical genius. He thinks up really elegant solutions to tough problems, all the time. We built a company around that idea and the software we wrote to solve the problem. We figured out how to log into multiple organizations, on one machine, without a password. It’s elegant, highly secure, and very easy to use. We learned a lot by having big companies try it, and we learned a lot about how users interact with their applications.
Flash forward a few years, and we’ve solved an even bigger problem. One that every IT admin, security specialist, finance or HR leader and business line owner faces every single week: managing SaaS sprawl and the users creating it.
SaaS products are designed to be easy to try, and easy to expand. Before you know it, that one- or two-person sub-team has grown to a few dozen people. And some of them aren’t even employees; they are outside contractors, or customers or vendors. Using your system. Without your involvement.
Subscriptions are breeding like rabbits, costs are spiraling up and out of control, and, maybe worst of all, security is out the window. Users are doing risky things, and these rogue apps are accessing corporate data that simply should not be accessible.
We solved those problems. We found a way to get a true picture of all the SaaS apps and services in use throughout the organization. To see their actual costs, and the wasted spend that comes from unused licenses. To visualize renewals so there are no surprises, only smart negotiations and better forecasts. And to understand how applications are actually being used, not just for audits, compliance and reporting, but for active governance that knocks down the risk profile a lot.
We’ve been in beta with companies large and small, and are so happy to see our customers have great success taking control over their SaaS subscriptions. It’s gratifying to hear how they can get better information, much faster, and spend more time thinking and acting, rather than scrambling and reacting. They just get more done, with more smarts, than they could ever do before.
Dedication to our customers’ success is at the heart of all that we do here at Alpin. Please give Alpin a try, and see how it can help you.
Julien Denaes