Author: Mitchel Forney

Teamwork feels good. And tackling big projects requires organizational teamwork. Dealing with shadow IT problems and spiraling cloud software costs represent a key challenge for many organizations.



In the area of SaaS optimization, these two important functions find their interests closely aligned. Alpin is a tool used by finance and procurement execs to automatically manage cloud applications. If you want to know how to take back your day and get rid of mundane tasks, read on!


In recent blog posts and even an ebook, we explored just how much of an issue shadow IT has become – how it spreads and the actual issues shadow IT can cause.


You may be reading this now because you’re ready to tackle shadow IT before it becomes worse. You know about it and need to do something, or you risk looking negligent.


Acting alone, you may not be able to prioritize shadow IT. But working together with the relevant stakeholders and educating the right people can get you far.


Ebook The Ultimate Guide To Cutting SaaS Costs 1 thumbnail

In this ebook, we explore the need to discover and cut rapidly-growing cloud software expenses.

The ebook includes the current state of shadow IT and the high prevalence of “shelfware” –  software that’s paid for but never used. Cloud apps can be especially hard to find, so we describe manual and automated methods to find the software. Then, we then discuss the costs you should expect to be able to cut and how to cut them.

If you’re looking to cut a lot of costs and help solve the issue of shadow IT at the same time, you’ll enjoy this ebook.

procurement cloud software

Many procurement leaders feel ambivalent about cloud software; it’s certainly useful, but after all, signing up for cloud apps has been a highly effective way to bypass procurement in the 2010’s.


But now we’re seeing a reaction to unmitigated SaaS expansion. Whether it’s ironic or poetic justice, specialized SaaS apps can now be used to discover, organize, and control the rampant spread of other SaaS apps.