Author: Mitchel Forney

procurement cloud software

Many procurement leaders feel ambivalent about cloud software; it’s certainly useful, but after all, signing up for cloud apps has been a highly effective way to bypass procurement in the 2010’s.


But now we’re seeing a reaction to unmitigated SaaS expansion. Whether it’s ironic or poetic justice, specialized SaaS apps can now be used to discover, organize, and control the rampant spread of other SaaS apps.



How to wasted spend and financial

Recently, we reviewed the many types of cost savings available in cloud spend. We’ll outline some ways to achieve those savings, including with automation and tools from Alpin. 


This week, we focus on discovering and cutting costs and wasted spend in your cloud environment.


Next week in Part 2 of this post, we’ll take a closer look at managing SaaS renewals and preventing unnecessary costs. I’ll add the link here when it’s live. Edit: Part 2!



Low hanging fruit orchard

Cloud software can contain significant amounts of easy-to-cut costs. Like an orchard of low-hanging fruit.


If you’ve worked in finance, procurement, financial planning, or accounting, you may understand the good feeling that comes with reducing costs. If you can cut costs with little time or effort – even better!


This week, we’ll focus on what those cloud costs tend to be, and on the next blog post, we’ll discuss the tools you can use to cut those costs quickly.