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Perhaps you’ve worked in privacy and information security for years. You know the kind of culpability organizations face when a vendor’s vulnerability leaves private information exposed. Target’s unfortunate relationship with a small HVAC vendor may have kept you up at night, worrying about your own organization’s risks. 

And GDPR is no exception to vendor compliance requirements. But is anything new or different? Yes! And we’ll show you how Alpin can help.

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800,000 customers of Swisscom had their personal information leaked when a supplier’s access credentials were “misappropriated.” That’s bad news for those 800,000 people, bad PR for Swisscom, and bad business for the supplier. And with GDPR implementation only a few months away, it is a stark warning: YOU are responsible for your suppliers. They must be compliant with the GDPR, because if your customers’ data is compromised due to their fault, you are still responsible. So, get started now to ensure that your suppliers are GDPR-compliant. Alpin can help by automating the process.

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The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has been called the largest change to data protections in a generation. It is causing major disruption to how companies manage customer data in — and outside of — the EU. Not only is the new legislation incredibly far reaching, it is also lengthy and complex. We’ve curated the top 10 GDPR frameworks to organize your efforts to comply with GDPR requirements.

Your first question – does this apply to me? If you are keeping personal data on European citizens (including emails), you are subject to these regulations. If you fail to comply by May 25, 2018, the penalties are up to €20m (or more for companies over €500m total revenue).

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Is GDPR compliance keeping you up at night? If so, you are not alone, and your fears are not entirely unfounded. But help is on the way: we have curated the Top 10 GDPR Guides. If you maintain or process data on European customers, these resources will be great frameworks and instructions to prepare your company for compliance.