Feature Spotlight: Alpin’s DLP Tools For Cloud Storage

Alpin DLP Tools

Have you had reservations about your cloud storage provider? Alpin offers paying users Data Loss Prevention (DLP) tools with popular online file storage providers such as Google Drive, OneDrive, Box, and Dropbox.

How Cloud Storage App Extensions for DLP Work



Users grant Alpin additional permissions to read metadata about files and folders in an enterprise cloud storage account. Alpin cannot read document contents, nor can Alpin modify any information, because we do not ask for permission to do so.

Alpin parses the metadata about all files and folders, showing you which are publicly shared. Alpin looks for public share links, and for files discoverable by search engines.

The Primary Benefit Of Cloud Storage Extensions: Preventing Data Leakage



Use Alpin’s data loss prevention tools to protect sensitive data in your organization. By identifying both the content being shared and the users sharing it, you can take swift action to prevent data exposure and loss.



Roadmap: Could You Use These Features?


We continue to refine the Alpin app and add more features. For cloud storage extensions, our product roadmap currently includes:


Scanning document contents for potentially sensitive information. This includes free text searching, as well as regular expressions for common data types such as credit card numbers, social security numbers, etc.


Receiving automatic notifications for permissions changes to files or folders, based on their locations and/or keywords you choose.


Obtaining daily, weekly, or monthly reports of changes in sharing settings.


Manually unsharing and sharing files and folders.


Setting automatic unsharing of files or folders based on rules you configure within the Alpin app.


Start your Alpin account in just 2 clicks at https://app.alpin.io or email info@alpin.io for more information.



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Mitchel Forney