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If you are running G Suite, you’ve likely noticed how incredibly easy it is for your users to allow access to sensitive information. We have seen notable cases like this and this where seemingly innocuous permissions have resulted in significant data breaches.

Why does this happen?

Google and third party apps have prioritized user adoption and ease of use. This has led to the unintended consequence of easily allowing users to provide access to their data — and at work, that may mean sensitive company data.

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Most companies think they have a handle on managing SaaS spend. The truth is that cloud adoption is still largely obscured from IT and it is likely that you’re only partially aware of your total SaaS spend.

For example, a user might charge a Slack subscription to their personal credit card yet wait a month or more to submit it for reimbursement. By the time the Slack subscription is seen in your finance system, significant charges may have accrued.