Have you had reservations about your cloud storage provider? Alpin offers paying users Data Loss Prevention (DLP) tools with popular online file storage providers such as Google Drive, OneDrive, Box, and Dropbox.

How Cloud Storage App Extensions for DLP Work



Users grant Alpin additional permissions to read metadata about files and folders in an enterprise cloud storage account. Alpin cannot read document contents, nor can Alpin modify any information, because we do not ask for permission to do so.

Alpin parses the metadata about all files and folders, showing you which are publicly shared. Alpin looks for public share links, and for files discoverable by search engines.

“Google Sheets is worthless!”


That’s a phrase I’ve used less and less over the last 6 months. But I still say it from time to time. That’s basically the TL;DR of this post.


Still interested? Read on.


Many articles cover the broad strokes of G Suite and Office; here, we cover some nitty-gritty details and preferences from me.


Note: Part 1 covers my background, my view overall of G Suite vs Office 365, Gmail vs Outlook, and SSO. In Part 2 we cover Sheets vs Excel, Docs vs Word, and Powerpoint vs Slides. In Part 3, we’ll cover Google Drive vs. OneDrive and Sharepoint, as well as my final thoughts. 

Tracking SaaS Subscriptions

With SaaS subscription-based software expected to continue its exponential growth, managing this growth is increasingly important. The following is a list of metrics to begin tracking your SaaS Subscriptions. We also created The SaaS Management Spreadsheet to bring these metrics together.

These should help you get started tracking your SaaS Subscriptions, and we hope you will contact us when you are looking to automate these processes.