Who’s Managing SaaS? A Discussion with Enterprise Continuity Professionals

What’s going to happen when significant damages result from a SaaS provider experiencing a breach or other disaster?


It’s not clear anyone would be prepared.


We discussed that question and more at the Colorado chapter of the Association of Continuity Professionals.


We began our time by playing a little quiz around some of the shadow IT horror stories we’ve encountered with our customers.


From there, you might be shocked to learn that a room full of Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity professionals had no idea that if major SaaS vendors had a disruption, it could be disastrous.


No one, to my knowledge, said they had ever taken the time to make contingency plans around SaaS vendors, whether they’re running a mission-critical application or not.


The feeling in the room?


Their leadership and management believed that if a vendor operated in the cloud, then they “don’t need to worry about it.”


Thankfully, this team of dedicated professionals found this information eye-opening, realizing the need to change how things are being done in the era of the Cloud.


Have You Seen Any Major Cloud Providers Disaster Plan? Few Have


If you don’t know what SaaS vendors plan to do in a disaster, what can you tell your customers when their disaster becomes yours? In this case, you may be limited to repeating only what you’re told by the cloud vendor. How will that impact customers’ perception of your resiliency?


We’re all continuing to migrate to the cloud, but it seems we’re repeating the same mistakes around business continuity, security, and even backing up data. Did you know major cloud providers don’t necessarily have your data backed up?


Whatever lessons we learn (or re-learn) next, they could be very painful.


Remember, if you didn’t see our post about SaaS trends, CIOs are doubling cloud budgets and increasingly considering turning to the cloud for mission-critical applications.


Who Is Managing SaaS? Alpin Customers!


Some organizations see the issue with SaaS and are reacting. Companies use Alpin because they need to know all the SaaS applications in their ecosystem, not just those apps being expensed.


Preparing for disasters is not the only goal.  Our customers also want to cut costs, prevent security breaches, or get notified of potential data leakage.


Yes, there are over 40K SaaS applications available for employee use, and managing it all can seem daunting. Alpin helps you cut through the clutter and know which apps are most important, contain the most sensitive information, or may be most likely to cause a breach.


If you’re looking to get more serious about SaaS, we have over a dozen ways to discover which apps are present in your environment, along with financial, compliance, and security management tools. Contact us for a 10-minute demo. You’ll see how Alpin can work for you. Get started by emailing info@alpin.io.


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Mitchel Forney